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Welcome to my home on da innernet

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The Owner of Madman Productions

Hick is chic!

Cesare The Sleepwalker

Da other nutjob crazy enough to work for me.

Don't Ask!

We Won't Tell!

My Lovely Lady

The Keeper of my soul.....and heart too!

I play stick!

So Ladies whatcha doin after da show?

Separated at Birth?

Twins if you ask me!

I spit in the face of..........Cool?

Wheres my drink biznitch

Til Death do we suck!

Hey baby, whats your name....Huh huh huh

Hubba, Hubba....Hubba

I'm seeing triple!

And in this corner takin no shit from nobody


Where's Pat?

Da Heater!

Joe Garcia!

Jerry Mr. Boom boom!

Oscar (From the forrests of guatemala)

Rockin Rodge!


4 time! 4 time! 4 time! 4 time..........Ravage

Demon possesed Marcus

Vance Voorhees


Delores on a hormone rampage!

Desi-ray and some dumbass!

This Sucks!

Hey Baby, Your place or mine after the show?

My Favorite Fat Man.

The man, the myth, the Legend

Dave Myles. The sick bastard who made this all possible for me


'F' You!

Trash, well TRASHED!

Welcome to the Shamrock!

Ken N Shylo

The 2nd team to help make this all come true for me.

Hey Ladies........WTF? The one on the right isn't a chick?

Naughty ladies.

We luv the 80s and each other


Blub blah notes:

01/14/08 - is reborn or is it the after birth? Meh! Y'all get the idea.

03/01/08 - 1st Update since I moved the site. Doh!

03/03/08 - 2nd Update!

04/06/09 - Beth's Avon Breast Cancer Walk info. I've deleted the Bulletin board due to idiot spammers taking over.


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