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Welcome to my home on da innernet

Yep Still here. Now I'm updating, Looks like a whole bunch of folks are hot linking my pictures from this site and I've had to put text labels over some to show where the pictures come from. Good news is I've posted Beth's bakery web page link on the pics being hot linked without permission. That oughta increase web traffic to her site! Haha! Here is the link in case Y'all too lazy to look it up for yourselves Time For Dezzerts
As always have fun Y'all and Peace out!


Here is a direct link to some pictures of cakes done by Beth:


Have a nice day or night.


People and other curious beings who've visited me so far!



Blub blah notes:

10/21/13 - Lots of hot links pics off my site. Had to add some text to make a positive out of a negative

01/14/08 - is reborn or is it the after birth? Meh! Y'all get the idea.

03/01/08 - 1st Update since I moved the site. Doh!

03/03/08 - 2nd Update!

04/06/09 - Beth's Avon Breast Cancer Walk info. I've deleted the Bulletin board due to idiot spammers taking over.


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